Monthly Themed Subscription Box (10 Strips)

Monthly Themed Subscription Box (10 Strips)


We all love that feeling we get by seeing a package of Color Crush nail strips on our doorsteps. What if we told you that there is a way to experience that feeling every month?!


By simply signing up for this Color Crush Heaven Monthly Subscription Box, you can get that awesome feeling every month when we send 10 themed mystery Color Crush strips straight to your doorstep! Each month you will recieve a set of strips related to the monthly theme, which changes every month. (For FREE shipping upgrade to the large size/15 strip box.)


We announce the next box's theme a month ahead of when it will be recieved so you can know exactly what you should expect from it! But please remember that we do not announce the exact Color Crush strips that you will be recieving each month, only the theme. This way, we can continue to preserve that special element of surprise that makes these boxes so unique!


Next month's theme doesn't particularly interest you? No problem! As long as you cancel your subscription before the deadline, you won't recieve the box. Remember that you can always resubscribe to start getting your monthly boxes again!


December 2020 Theme: Happy All-idays- Celebrate all of the Holidays of the year in this box! We will send you strips for each holiday!

Opciones de precios
10 Strips- Autorenew
$27.95mensual/ renovación automática
10 Strips- 3 Months
$27.95mensual/ 3 meses
10 Strips- 6 Months
$27.95mensual/ 6 meses
10 Sets- 12 Months
$27.95mensual/ 12 meses
  • Returns & Cancellations Policy

    -Please note that there are NO returns on ANY Mystery Box or Subscription Box purchases.

    Cancellation Policy: To cancel your subscription, please email us at We will email you back a confirmation when your subscription is cancelled. Subscription can be cancelled any time prior to your next payment due date. There are no cancellation fees. Cancelling your box does not provide a refund for any paid boxes, nor does it stop a pending charge. If a box has been paid prior to cancellation, it will go out as scheduled. We do not provide refunds on subscription boxes.

    Cancellation Deadline: You must cancel 3 business days prior to your payment due date to avoid being charged for your next box.